Federal Doors Products are 100% American Made

The Buy America Act (Act) was enacted in 1933 by the federal government of the U.S. The Act states that all federal construction contracts that are performed within the U.S. must use domestic construction materials.

The purposes of the Act are as follows:

1. To increase American made product purchases;

2.To protect American jobs;

3.To protect American investments;

4.To protect the American manufacturing industry.

The Act also increases profitability of steel and lumber industries. In addition, the Buy America Act recognizes Canadian end source product as a domestic end source product if the purchase is $ 25,000.00 and above.[N. Am. Salt Co. v. Ohio DOT, 122 Ohio App. 3d 213, 216 (Ohio Ct. App., Franklin County 1997)]

Federal Doors, formally known as Hollow Metal and Hardware, was started by Mr. Robert Starr in 1991.

Since that time HMH has installed many hundreds of doors the around Fayetteville, NC area. Fort Bragg is a big customer. Doors and hardware purchased directly from federal government entities or from General Contractors, building for the Department of defense, are installed and performing all over the base. We are still here to service them.

HMH was a thriving business all this time and Robert retired in 2020. Chuck Melton, a Fayetteville native and customer of HMH, purchased the corporation and changed the name to Federal Doors.

Robert is gracious in helping us in the transition, he is sharing his vast knowledge of commercial openings with us, and continues to help us as needed. Hollow Metal also has a large existing customer base. Everyone at Federal Doors is grateful to all our customers, we appreciate your continued support.

Since the transition, we have expanded our distributorship to include more brands and options for commercial building professionals. Federal Doors has a larger on-hand inventory, we have integrated the computer system, and we launched this website. These are some of the positive changes that have been made since the transition. The staff has changed as well, we have more estimators and PMs to get our customers the service they deserve. Quick pricing, personal, friendly service, timely submittal production, updates on orders, delivery, and installation are available. We now have 2 install teams, so your installation can be scheduled usually within a day or two after your customized product is manufactured.

Federal doors is here to provide the product that you want or to advise you on the product we think you may need. We can get you every commercial door hardware available. We have many of the most common needs in stock. We have resources all over the United States and Canada.

Federal doors distributes commercial door hardware from 6 different manufacturers directly. This range gives us the ability to meet every project’s needs. From openings that have heavy traffic all day to doors that rarely get used. A less expensive option that is still grade 1 or a grade 2 or 3. The very best money can buy, locksets that has been test to last over a million cycles. Closers for light small doors to extra heavy duty wide door.

Federal doors is a Distributor for Dorma Kaba. That includes Best Access, Precision, Stanley commercial, Dorma, Design Hardware, and Mesker brands. If we can’t get it you don’t need it.