Our Quality Manufacturers

Manufactured to the Highest Standards in the Industry

Federal Doors has many types of hollow metal and wood doors, door frames, and hardware so you have a great selection that will meet any of your needs and requirements. We have any size door that you need. If you need a door and frame that has a unique specification, we can provide you with a customized solution. And, we are equipped to supply large orders.

High-Quality Manufacturers

Federal Doors has many options from which to choose. We offer a variety of price points so you can get exactly what you need at a price that fits your budget. Some of the manufacturers we carry include:

  • Dorma Kaba with Best, Stanley, and Precision
  • Mesker doors and hardware

Product Selections

Our commercial openings solutions for single and/or double doors and windows include trim, cylindrical locksets, and kick plates.

Some of the doors and hardware we supply are:

  • Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) doors
  • Louvre doors for mechanical rooms
  • Doors with glass
  • Custom doors
  • Wind-proof doors
  • Bullet-proof doors
  • Hurricane doors
  • Locksets with knobs, keys, plates, strikes, and other accessories

Metal Doors & Metal Frames

Wood Doors


Fiberglass Doors and Frames